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The Netherlands

“If you wanna take a look at people as a photographer, you´ll have to win their trust”

I came from the Netherlands. My former countrymen have so much in common with the citizens of Hamburg, which now is my hometown. Therefore there always is a reason to travel where I grew up und take pictures of the changes in architecture and lifestyle. I’m glad that I´m a part of it, although I do live far away from home.

„Um Menschen fotografieren zu können, muss man ihnen Vertrauen schenken.“

Holland ist meine Heimat. Aber es gibt auch für mich immer wieder noch etwas zu entdecken. Mich faszinieren meine früheren Landsleute, die mit meinen Hamburgern so viel und doch so wenig gemein haben. Ihr Lebensstil reizt mich zum Innehalten – und es gibt immer etwas zu fotografieren, wenn ich Familie und Freunde besuche. Denn das Land ändert sich schneller als viele Fremde meinen. Ich bin froh, dass ich ab und an dabei sein kann, auch wenn ich in der Ferne lebe.

Famous dutch cheese like Gouda, Edammer... Edam, NLD
New Archtitecture in the old Eastern Harbour. Java, Amsterdam, NLD
Beautiful old gabled houses of the 17th century at the Brouwersgracht. Amsterdam, NLD
New residential area with modern architecture in the old eastern harbour Java and in the foreground a typical houseboat. Amsterdam, NLD
Like the bow of a containership rises the New Metroplis Museum into the harbour-basin. Amsterdam, NLD
A decorated bicycle basket on a bridge. Amsterdam, NLD
Dutch trademark - Tulips, Tulipfields Man removes flower heads. Lisse, NLD
Boutique with window dummies. Amsterdam, NLD
Stopera-Opera- and Townhall in building one along the canal the Amstel. Amsterdam, NLD
Coffeeshop Amsterdam, NLD
Beautiful view on the merchant houses of the 17th century along the canal. Amsterdam, NLD
New architecture in Borneo Eastern Harbour in the background the modern van Dongen House. Amsterderdam, NLD
Typical dutch "Klompen" wooden shoes. Amsterdam, NLD
De Wijnerij - old shop window with old writing and in the foreground an antique transport bicycle with winecask. Amsterdam, NLD
Every year on the thirtieth of April are the dutch celebrating the Queen´s birthday. Amsterdam, NLD
Antique stores in the Spiegelstraat Amsterdam, NLD
Canal Oude Schans in the backyard and right the New Metropolis Museum-Nemo- Science & Technology and left Montelbaans Tower. Amsterdam, NLD
Field full of blue, white and red hyacinths Lisse, NLD
Angler fishing in a picturesque surrounding with old typical dutch windmills. Alblasserdam, NLD
Typical dutch fastfood - Food Out Of The Wall - for instance croquettes, meat balls. Amsterdam,NLD
Giethoorn the green Venice of the Netherlands. Old beautiful thatched roof houses out of the 19th century Giethoorn, NLD
Beerbrewery Heineken. Beer for the german market Den Bosch, NLD
Every Picture Tells A Story
Aerial view of the greatest oil harbour in the world Rotterdam, NLD
Wind turbines along the IJsselmeerdijk Swifterbaut-Dronten, NLD
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